Mobile Coffee & Baked Goods by #thebackyardbakers

Impress your guests and VIPs with specialty grade coffee & baked goods right at your premise or at your event!

Our promise to #feedyoulikefamily extends beyond the boundaries of our brick and mortar store! Speak with us for mobile coffee & baked good packages now!

Our coffee beans carefully selected from various roasters and blended in-house to ensure low acidity – the outcome is a beautiful cuppa with chocolatey and nutty notes. They are roasted and consumed within 10 days from roast date to ensure quality and freshness. We make our own chocolate sauces for hot chocolate & mochas. We also bake them sweet treats just a couple of hours before your event with no added flavourings and preservatives for maximum satisfaction. What more can you ask for?! ……. Ok lah you can custom them in gluten/dairy-free baked goods too!

Your event will be catered to with customized logos, packaging and branding!
Paper cups – Rubber stamping
Cold Brew – Customized sticker on bottles
Baked Goods – Doggy Bag branding
Caffeine Station – Customized balloons or plaque

Hot Beverages:
Black & White Coffee
Hot Chocolate

Bottled Cold Brews (in addition to Hot Coffee Services only):
Iced Black Coffee
Iced White Coffee
Earl Grey Blue Flowers
Eight Secrets Oolong
Roasted Tie Guan Yin
Apricot & Peach (Caffeine-free)
Japanese Sencha

Have you had to wait a long line for coffee to be served? – Fret not! To ensure that all beverages are served in a timely manner, we rock & roll with two (2) baristas and two (2) machines in tow!

We will need to conduct a site-visit one (1) week in advance and arrive 30mins prior to your event to setup and calibrate all equipment. Last but not least, we will require:
#1. Two (2) x 13A powerpoints within 2 meters of the coffee station setup
#2. Water source within 5 meters
#3. Two (2) x two (2) square meter space to park the coffee station and our 2 baristas and display your sweet treats

If you need more info or got other questions, feel free to contact us via DM on Instagram @thebackyardbakers or by email at!

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