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  • #dontsayBOJIO

    "Blackout brownies were all the rage a couple of years ago, and we only have Bundt by The Backyard Bakers to thank for making these chocolatey, fudgy treats a mainstream hit."

    EATBOOK 2022 
  • #FOMO is real

    "There’s been word going around social media that this small bakery in Clarke Quay churns out brownies soooo good that people wake up at the crack of dawn (6am to be exact) just to join the queue to get some. Insane? Probably. But it definitely has my interest."

    TIMEOUT 2020 
  • An Invitation to Indulge

    "BUNDT By The Backyard Bakers: Highly-Hyped Brownies At Cosy Bakery In Chinatown."

    SETHLUI.com 2020 
  • Created in Singapore, for the World


    ladyironchef 2020 
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working @ #thebackyardbakers

As a food-focused, quality-first company, our core mission to #feedyoulikefamily means more than just using real ingredients. We feed every customer like we would feed our own family. It also means the hiring of passionate, enthusiastic, motivated people and investing in your future. Working in F&B doesn't have to be the last resort. By fostering a culture of well-being for our team and equal opportunities for personal and career growth, whether you're looking to grow your career, chase your passion, or just want a mid-career change, we're here for you!

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