order before 3pm daily for same-day ISLANDWIDE DELIVERY...!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to order? - Online orders made after 5pm will be delivered the next business day; online orders made before 3pm will be delivered on the same day

2) I can't seem to set a self-collection/delivery timeslot! - A notification will be sent to you via sms or email once items are ready for collection; all self-pickups are to be made before 3pm daily. Delivery timing is between 10am - 5pm daily; kindly make provisions for slight delays due to the current covid situation with insufficient riders or the occasional bad weather when it rains kittens and puppies

3) I need my items by xx:xx time. Can you please deliver by that time? - Our delivery timing is between 10am - 5pm (last call for on-demand riders at 3pm). Should you require your items to be delivered at/by a certain timing, kindly select the self-collection option and send your own grab-express/lalamove rider to collect on your behalf, after you have received the sms/email notification that the items are ready for collection. Please DM us on IG with your order number and rider details so that we can hand the correct items to them. Alternatively, you can walk-in to purchase when the store opens at 9am (subject to availability).

4) Can i send my own courier to pick up? - Sure! just select the self-pickup option and once a notification that your items are ready has been sent to you, feel free to send your rider our way - but do DM us on Instagram to give us a heads up!

5) I wanna groupbuy/pre-order in advance for (xx day of xx month) - Sure! Please send us a DM on Instagram to find out more! Kindly also note that advance orders of more than 24hrs require a minimum order quantity; details can be found on stories highlights on our Instagram profile page under the CUSTOM ORDER section.

6) The item i want is SOLD OUT!!! Send HALPPP!!! - sorry! it means we're sold out of that flavour/item for the day in-store too. We won't be restocking until the next day! Keep your IG notifications turned on; you'll get ping-ed once our daily menu goes live in the evening then its #FastestFingersFirst

7) How much is delivery? Do you deliver to my location? - Yes! Same-day islandwide delivery available! Delivery pricing ranges and is according to radius (km) provided by our delivery partner. Order $120 and above for discounted shipping!

8) Ehhh.. My friend/family member is quarantined at some hotel.. Can you still deliver? - Sure! Just leave delivery instructions (room number & friend's name/contact number) and all is good! May the coweed-negative be with them!

9) "Some items in your cart don't ship to your location" AHHH!!! - Relac one corner! Don't panic! BREATHEEE! Minimum order for delivery is only $10. Also, kindly omit postal code when keying in shipping address; house number/block & unit number will do. Please ensure that the address auto-fill is selected. Then sit tight for delivery!

10) HELLO! HELLO! I received a notification that my items are 'DELIVERED' but i haven't received!!! HELLO!!! HELLO!!! HELLOOOOOOOO!!! - Hello back! Relac ahhh! The 'delivered' notification just means that items are picked up from our store and is en route to you! Just hang in there, sit tight, cos... its cominggg!!!

For all other enquiries that have not been addressed, kindly drop us a DM on Instagram as we don't check our emails often enough (mostly only until we crawl into bed at the end of the day or when we wake up). Chances are that your emails will be missed out/only replied to, at night or in the wee hours of the morning when the world is sleeping, by which time, our replies may not be relevant anymore! LOL! stay safe & sane everybody! & may the Lord be with you.